Portfolio Companies


  • Pest Patrol – anti-spyware security software (acquired by CA, Inc. [NASDAQ: CA] in 2004 for $40m)
  • Exploit Prevention Labs– online link scanning security system (acquired by AVG [NYSE: AVG] in 2007 for $19m)
  • DataMotion – online platform for secure data exchange
  • Oculis Labs – anti-eavesdropping security software (acquired by Optio Labs)
  • CyberPatrol – online parental controls software


  • Encoding.com – cloud based media processing platform.
  • Viddler – interactive video platform for skills based training


  • LiveLook – next generation co-browsing software for customer relationship management (acquired by Oracle [NYSE: ORCL] in 2013 for $20m)
  • Drift – conversational messaging platform for sales and customer success. Series A investors include Sequoia and Charles River Ventures.


  • Salvage Direct – online auction marketplace for total loss vehicles (acquired by Copart [NASDAQ: CPRT] in 2010 for $30m)


  • Acuity Mobile – targeted mobile phone advertising (acquired by Navteq in 2009 for $6m)


  • Contix — social media intelligence analytics for the financial industry and crypto currency markets.


  • CareMESH — Healthcare platform that allows hospitals and physicians to easily share digital files and patient records in a secure and compliant manner.

Real Estate

  • Ikos — Ikos is delivering a scalable leasing service for residential landlords that improves their occupancy rates and provides real-time market data for rental, rehab and investment decisions


  • InTag Systems — INTAG uses microbiology and beneficial organisms to create powerful nutrient delivery systems for hydroponic and aquaponic growing, or valuable new plant growth from water and waste remediation.
  • Connectify — control and telemetry systems software for remote control devices