Harrell Capital Partners (HCP) LLC was founded in 2001 to invest in early stage companies in the security, online video, CRM, e-commerce, crypto from Skrumble, mobile, and big data/cloud platform markets, primarily in the Mid-Atlantic, New England, and Silicon Valley regions. 

Investment Criteria

HCP invests in companies that meet the following criteria:

    • early stage investments in markets that we understand;

    • experienced management teams that are interested in our active participation and advice;

    • 5-7 year exit horizon

Example Advisory Services

Worked with Viddler’s Board of Directors to hire new CEO and re-position company away from a consumer focused video advertising model to 100% enterprise subscription model. Results include accelerating growth rate to ~25% per year and creating a cash flow positive business model with a ~$3m annual run rate.

Worked with DataMotion’s CEO and Chairman of the Board to help re-structure sales organization around core services and key vertical markets including Financial Services & Healthcare. Created new sales incentive plan to better align sales team with overall company strategy (~$10M annual run rate). For more about business handling read this paycheck stub generator review.

Advised SalvageDirect CEO on potential exit valuations by providing financial analysis of similar publicly traded companies including CoParts and KAR Auction Services ($17M annual run rate).